Victory Motorcycles the Mission for

The focus on the positioning will still be on customers who love touring, both in Europe and North America. The products are differentiated on the basis of their comfort and styling, and this will be reflected in the marketing.

Lifestyle marketing is a key component of the strategy for the marketing of Victory Motorcycles. The strategy will include marketing extensively online and in travel and bike related publications. Victory bikes are also marketed through word-of-mouth, including in Victory owners clubs. The tactic of this campaign will be to increase the brand association with touring and luxury riding. For instance, an increase in visuals and associations with other elements of touring pleasure will be fostered, beyond the riding experience.

The marketing mix will primarily be focused on print and online media, as the product is niche and the marketing should be focused directly at Victorys core consumers. Word of mouth promotion will also factor heavily in the marketing mix. The current price ranges reinforce the luxury branding.

The dealership network will be studied to determine if there are better ways of reaching customers, in particular with our high-margin custom bikes.

Victory Motorcycles will rely heavily on two forms of market research. The first will be feedback gained from existing customers. This feedback helps us better understand our markets, the ways in which we can reach them, and it helps in creating future marketing strategies. In addition, third-party research will be conducted to identify better ways to reach consumers who are either customers of other bike companies or are not currently riders but are considering to be riders. This research will focus on finding ways for Victory to convert these riders — perhaps by finding better means to increase potential customers exposure to our products.

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