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In the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus spent his latter days healing and caring for the sick, dying, and possessed. This should be the way that all Christians act and taking care of the environment for the sake of the poor and needy as well as all living organisms.

Regarding the faith and teaching of the Christian Bible, Christians play a vital role in the maintenance of the Earth. The newspaper article found in The Press, titled “Is Christianity Bad for the Environment?” Ron Hay states, “Someone has said, Its impossible to say you love Rembrandt while you trash his paintings. True faith involves love for God and love for all God has made. It makes no sense to claim to love God while being indifferent to his world” (Hay, 2010). The website,, states that the various fields of both the Christian and Jewish faith are parallel in their beliefs regarding the support and care for the planet (Questions and Answers, 2010).

All evidence shows that Christians are required to “take care” of the Earth and blame has been placed on the Christian faith for the destruction of much of the Earths resources. Mush od this is due to statements similar to the one made by James Watt, President Ronald Reagans U.S. Secretary of the Interior during the 1980s. Watts wrote in the article, “Ours Is the Earth,” and in other articles; that he viewed the earth as “merely a temporary way station on the road to eternal life…The earth was put here by the Lord for His people to subdue and to use for profitable purposes on their way to the hereafter” (Deem, 2007). The miss beliefs of individuals like Watts has caused not only Christians to be blamed for the Earths current state but has lead people to actually believe that way and cause further damage to the planet.

With the exception of a few misguided individuals, most Christians believe that they are responsible for the preservation of the Earth.

Deem (2007) further contends in the article, “is Christianity anti-Environmental?” that,

Both Old and New Testament affirm, “The earth is the Lords, and everything in it.” According to God, “every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills. I know every bird in the mountains, and the creatures of the field are mine. I find it amazing that God personally knows every creature, not just every human” (Deem, 2007).

Christian beliefs and teachings command that man is to be the guardian of the Earth.

It is the responsibility of Christians to protect and help restore the environment. The Bible gives the commandment for the sustaining and protection of the planet by humans and according to Gods plan. Man was given dominion over the Earth and the creatures of the Earth. Man was meant to be the guardian and “take care” of the Earth. Greed and waste are the prime causes of mans destruction and polluting of the Earth.

Christians need to take the lead in the clean-up of the planet and the use of alternative energy sources. Christians should set the example for other people to follow. Their belief in the Bible as the Holy Word of God teaches and instructs the Christian followers to preserve and restore the Earth.


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