Stepping Stones to Success My

I started out stripping away any activity on my applications that did not show my core strengths. Anything that did not stick out and make me unique, I deleted. In fact, I started to consider how unique my background was. I played up my strengths yet stripped away anything that did not make me astoundingly, interestingly different. I never lied or said anything beyond the truth; I just strove to stick out as unique and worth getting to know. In my life I started getting rid of any activity, any time that did not compliment my background and strengths. I focused very hard on being unique and excellent at what I was doing. In short, anything that did not contribute to that goal was stripped away.

With that new mindset, I filled out applications for more colleges and universities. Anything that did not make me stand out was gone. It was as if I was marketing myself and who I was to these colleges and universities.

After stripping way so many clubs, so many activities that in retrospect had little to do with my core strengths and skills, I wondered if it would make a difference.

Weeks passed and quietly inside I felt even worse. Was I just not unique enough, not outstanding enough to get into any college? Just when I thought I would never get an acceptance letter, one arrived. It was and always will be a memorable moment in my life. I was ecstatic! Yet in that moment I realized that failure makes you to strip away everything that does not matter. Whether it is on a college application or in life, failure is a great teacher. It forced me to focus and concentrate only on what mattered most to me, and align all my energy to just those areas of my life..

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