Stem Cell Debate One of

In utilitarianism, the focus is on outcomes, or the ends of an action; in deontology the actions themselves must be ethical and moral, or the outcome is moot. Deontology argues that there are norms and truths that are universal for all humans; actions then have a predisposition to right or wrong, moral or immoral. Kant believed that humans should act, at all times, as if their individual actions would have consequences for all of society. Morality, then, is based on rational thought and is the direction most humans innately want. Roughly, deontology is “the means justify the ends” (Kamm). Thus, one must ask first if the definition of human life begins at conception, and if those groupings of cells constitute legal and moral protections. Then, depending on the answer, one must decide; do the tremendous benefits already proven by science constitute a reason to continue research — the alleviation of pain and suffering for millions of clearly viable human individuals vs. The philosophical debate on cellular humanism? Works Cited Beauchaine, J. “The Next Frontier of the Stem Cell Debate.” 17 June 2009. The Village Voice. December 2010 . Espo, D. “Senate Approves Embryonic Stem Cell Bill.” 13 April 2007. The Washington Post. December 2010 . Haydn, P. The Philosophy of Human Rights. New York: Paragon Press, 2001. “International Consortium of Stem Cells, Ethics and Law.” March 2010. The Hinxton Group.

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