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Social networking tends to take a large amount of time in terms of browsing until I can find the appropriate information and the appropriate persons I want to hire for each specific job.

When hiring employees and posting help wanted ads, it is also important to recognize the legal issues surrounding this (Findlaw Inc., 2000). Legally protected status include race, color, religion, sex, national origin, and age. To ensure that I am legally compliant, I will therefore construct ads that avoid any preferential language for a certain demographic group. When posting advertisements in the local paper, I will ensure that it is indeed a general interest publication rather than one that targets specific demographic interest groups. Just to ensure that all potential pitfalls are avoided, Ill add that the company is an “equal opportunity employer.” My concern is indeed only to attract the best of possible employees without regard for any demographic differentiation.

For the interview and hiring process, there are also a number of strategies that I will use to ensure that I hire the best employees for the work they are to perform. First, I will once again assemble my team of company employees who are familiar with the type of people to recruit in each job type. For each interview, I will also include an existing employee of the relevant department in my interview team. This person will be important in terms of indicating whether potential employees will in fact be able to handle their duties with the required amount of excellence.

When employees are hired, it is important to train them to do the work required of them in the best possible way. Many authors emphasize the importance of training. Jeffrey Berk (2008, p. 46) for example notes that managers need to play a leading role in the development of their employees. In other words, managers must be enthusiastic about the potential value of the training for employees in order to ensure the employees derive such value.

When new recruits are then appointed, they will undergo a rigorous training process. An existing employee from each department will be appointed as supervisor and be responsible for training the employees in question. After the training process for each department is complete, employees will be given time to settle into their new environment.

Finally, all employees will receive one day of training with the purpose of ensuring that everybody is familiar with the companys goals, mission, and vision. All training materials will be made available for the employees information on the companys online notice board.

Employee recruitment and retention are vital elements to ensure the success of a business. Hence it is important to optimize these for the benefit not only of the company, but also each employee.

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