Sport As a Medium Underprivileged

Through this plan, all people could get involved in sports and differentiation was no longer based on ones financial statue, but on his or her abilities.

The National Lottery brought great successes to sports development in England but it concomitantly destabilized the already weakened system, influencing poor people to return to their condition as individuals who were less able to access sports development.

Apparently, 20% of Englands citizens can be categorized as being poor, given that they are recognized by the government as individuals who have less access to particular privileges. Being excluded from sports and from social activities in general is extremely harmful for the physical, and respectively for the mental health of the individual.

The 2002 implementation of the Game Plan marked a change in the world of sports, as it seemed that poor people would be provided with their rights as equal citizens.

The program is among the most complex to be directed at decreasing the gap caused by financial background in sports. The Game Plan was expected to improve conditions in England by including poor individuals in sports development and bettering their chances to integrate society. Sport was no longer something meant to bring success to the country, as it became a method of helping poor individuals.

Poor people should not be subjected to social exclusion because of their condition and sport is essential for helping them in their endeavor to escape societys biased convictions. In order for fairness to exist, social equality needs to.

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