Sabine Lang Understanding Homosexuality in

The suggestion that these cultures developed a role of alternate genders demonstrates a weakness of modern society. The connection of the modern two spirited persons to the past identities could have been clearer. I view this position as a revisionist position rather than a deliberate and purposeful connection to ancestral postures.

In modern western society, the influence religion has shaped the understanding of sexual orientation and same sex behavior. The author shows how religion aided in undermining and eventually destroying centuries of tradition and harmony. The role of religion in the modern debate over homosexuality needs revisiting. Spirituality supersedes religion, and it is possible for persons of all sexual orientations to find and connect to a spiritual base. Religion is required to facilitate this spiritual connection rather than prohibit it.

The fluidity of some of the lesbian individuals in the article was a unique and important portrayal.

It suggests that lesbians can still legitimately satisfy nurturing desires by having children and yet still be lesbian. In addition, it is possible throughout ones lifetime to move between different identities and avoid the stasis of being lesbian or homosexual. This is possibly true sexual freedom the ability to be motile throughout life.

Homosexuality and lesbian is a difficult phenomenon to define and explicate. The article does an excellent job describing modern identities in the light of past occurrences and multiple streams of influence. The spiritual dimension as a defining point for homosexuality and lesbianism is explosive. While the modern religious mind sees these elements as incongruent, it may provide the platform for wider understanding of the challenges of lesbians.

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