Royal Bee System Addresses a

In order to encourage such an activity, the company could provide a free product or other similar amenities. On the other hand, the company would obtain useful information on the use of the product and would be able to address any issues that the users point out.

4. Coverage error could represent a potential survey error in this case, mainly because the interview option was chosen. With the interview option, the individuals conducting the research are limited from a geographic perspective by the fact that they can only interview people in a certain geographic area, which may create errors in the survey. At the same time, from the case study, one can understand that the potential consumers can be divided into two different categories: the handicapped individuals and the individuals who have been handicapped in the past, but are no longer physically challenged. The survey should be differentiated between these two categories of consumers, because, most likely, each category has its own particularities, so the adapted product should differ and the survey as well.

Finally, non-response error should also be considered.

Part of the people with a physical handicap may not be able to take the survey because of their current poor health condition, even if they may be potential consumers.

5. A high response rate will be determined by the amount of resources that the company decides to invest in the survey. In that sense, it should be directly proportional to the number of individuals who will be conducting the interviews, as well as to the amount of money that the company will spend on transportation in order to ensure a better geographic representation for the survey. Incentives can also be used to increase responsiveness, as previously discussed. At the same time, the company can use some resources to send introductory materials to the people who will be interviewed, such as a brochure describing.

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