RFP: Purchase of an Ecm

The vendor may be offered an ongoing maintenance contract, which will be discussed and a new RFP issued at the close of this contract. If the chosen vendor successfully completes the work outlined in the project scope, they will be given priority status for bids regarding the maintenance contract.

The system must meet all of the software and data storage needs of the client on a long-term continual basis. It must meet the required security parameters and be secure from any foreseeable natural or manmade disasters. It must be secure from nay internal or external threats due to tampering or theft. It must be able to interconnect with the existing system at the clients current location. It must include redundancy and back up plans in the event of a catastrophic failure despite any reasonable measures to prevent such an occurrence. It includes a plan for the expansion of the system in the future to provide for the addition of new software and a continually growing amount of data.

4.0 Project Management Requirements

The vendor will provide a key project lead team with a single point of contact for the duration of the project. This point of contact will serve as the key contact person between Software Assets Library and the vendor. The vendor will be solely responsible for all training, management, and actions of their employees and any subcontractor whom they might employ for any portion of the project.

5.0 Vendor Qualifications and References

No proposal will be accepted unless the vendor meets at least the following requirements: at least one completed project similar in scope to the one proposed, three minimum working with ECM systems and at least two references from similar projects.

6.0 Estimated Budget and Pricing

Vendors must provide a complete breakdown of total costs for the project. Change orders will not be included in the initial project budget. Any change orders during the duration of the project must be pre-approved by Software Assets Library. Any project cost over-runs will be absorbed by the vendor. The total bid for the project is not to exceed $254,000 without prior approval from Software Assets Library. Please keep in mind that this is a time and materials contract and that price is not the only consideration in selection of the vendor.

7.0 Contract and license Agreements

Upon award of the contract, the vendor will provide proof of indemnity, liability insurance and will carry omissions and errors insurance to cover the project. The proposal will be incorporated into the final agreement, but will not be the sole governing document in the contract. Software Assets Library will have final design approval prior to installation of the system. Payments will proceed in increments to be worked out with the vendor. Final payment will be withheld until the system has demonstrated.

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