Return of the Market the

This is important, because it goes against the fundamental principles of the American democracy, as citizens demand accountability and transparency. To address this issue, the private sector can provide many different services that the government is delivering. Where, a number of corporations can supply these resources, for a fraction of the cost of government entities. This is important, because the manifesto is identifying a way that the government can provide effective solutions through the private sector. Yet, when you examine the underlying issue itself, it is clear that this solution has parts that are relevant for modern government. Where, the bureaucracy can play role in addressing general issues and then contact out the different services to the private sector. The problem occurs, when there is too much of an emphasis on this model, as this can create fraud and other possible abuses of the system. Where, a lack transparency and favoritism will become common among many contractors. What this shows, is how the government must maintain some kind of balance, in the role that bureaucracy will play and how they are providing different services.

As there needs to be an emphasis on strategies and models, that can address this issue without going against what the people demand from administrators. (Walmsely 291 — 316)

When you put these different elements together, this highlights how some kind of balance must be maintained in different government policies and strategies. Where, an overemphasis on one particular area can cause many different abuses to occur. To mitigate these effects requires: increasing transparency and accountability, while maintaining flexibility. If this kind of approach can be utilized, the government would be more effective at addressing the needs of people, whilst preventing runaway abuses.


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