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One can actually feel a sentiment of nostalgia as he or she goes through Tarantinos movies, since his films appear to be done in accordance with some of the earliest movies in the history of film-making, the only difference being that the director has chosen to leave his instantly recognizable print on these motion pictures.

Tarantinos motion pictures send a mixed message to the public, but even with that, most people are likely to understand it exactly as the director wants them to. In spite of the rather parody nature seen in most of Tarantinos films, viewers are left with the impression that they learnt something, namely that every action has a reaction, and that they should be more careful about their performances.

Tarantino is simply doing what all movie directors try to do: direct movies that would generate a positive feed-back both from the masses and from critics. However, the fact that he takes on elements the public wants to see and transforms them so as they would fit his convictions makes his films more interesting than most of the other motion pictures produced in the present.

Tarantino is an entertainer and his main mission is that of pleasing the public through any means possible, even if that implies taking on historical events and twisting them with the purpose of appealing and shocking viewers.

Judging from a great deal of motion pictures produced consequent to Tarantinos first blockbusters, it would seem that numerous directors have focused on creating similar works, films that would show characters acting totally different from what was seen before and yet put across an enjoyable plot.

Violence is something sporty and extraordinarily fashionable when it is present in Tarantinos films and this made the world of film making inherit many elements he used. It has become common for contemporary directors to use pop culture ingredients that were first employed by Tarantino, in hope that them too will contribute to modern-day popular culture trends.

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