Personal Statement for Many People,

To contribute to this kind of objective requires: taking consistent actions through community service and a deep passion for helping people as much as possible. In this aspect, my goals and faith are intersecting, which is another reason why I believe I am good fit for the university. As Pepperdines mission statement encourages everyone to engage in community service, to help address various social issues. This is important, because as a Christian, having a sense of duty and service to humankind are what the teachings of Christ are instilling upon us. Serving the community in a positive way; is helping to support my belief in Christ, by following the same selfless example that was set. In this aspect, I think that the mission of the university is aligned with my beliefs of self-service for humankind.

When you put the different elements together, they are highlighting how Pepperdine is an ideal learning environment. This is because the views of the university are aligned to my personal beliefs in Christ and self-service.

The fact that the mission statement supports these views means that I can be able to receive a better education (through the enlightenment of attending). As the diversified student body, challenging academic standards and programs to expand our faith in God will take my education to a higher level. This is because Pepperdine, offers the opportunity to have a higher a sense of: understanding and appreciation for the various teachings of Christ. As a result, I believe that completing the rest of my higher education requirements at the university, will help to prepare me for the challenges that I will face in the real world. Where, the various courses and programs of self-service will provide a higher level of spiritual understanding. At which point, this can help me to become a better educator by having: compassion, awareness and the intellect to help individuals from all walks of life. Bibliography About Pepperdine. Pepperdine University, 2010. Web. 10 Dec. 2010 .

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