Oral Presentation I Come From

I believe this is one of the smartest moves I have ever made. I learn so much in the first class I took and one of the first things I learned was that my professor would not tolerate me interrupting people while they had the floor. After about two warnings, she told me she would have me removed from the class and I knew she meant business. She did me a favor by shutting me up because it taught me how to listen. At first, I couldnt listed to whomever was speaking because I was too busy concentrating on what I would say. but, a funny thing happened. I learned that when I listened to others opinions, even if they were different from mine that it opened my mind to new ways of thinking and seeing things.

Throughout my college years, I learned how to be an effective communicator. However, not everything is learned in the classroom. I have had some excellent managers who became mentors along the way. They have shown me the importance of having an open door policy and regular staff meetings to hear what my team members have to say and what is going on with them. Make no mistake.

I do make use of modern technology to communicate. My team has started instant messaging and we do this more than we email because we have found that instant messaging is more effective than the existing methods we have used to communicate (Shaw et al., 2007). but, even with modern technology at my fingertips, I still enjoy a good old fashion face-to-face conversation and I encourage my team to stop by whenever they have a pressing matter. I even appreciate when they stop by just to tell me their child won first place in a tournament or to discuss sports or current events. It keeps me in the midst of things and my open style of communication brings my team closer together and makes us more productive. A happy team is a productive team and I will work to keep mine that way.


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