Old Experience of Living in

By the time I finish that thought, my upstairs neighbors come home. Theyre ok, but they walk as it theyre an army, not just two people. When my mother came to visit and heard them, she nicknamed them Godzilla. Im not sure which is worst — her walking around on the bare hardwood floor in her high heels or his barefoot heavy step that almost shakes the ceiling. Oh well, what can you do? Its not like you can go over there and ask them to step more lightly or more delicately! Maybe I will buy them a carpet for Christmas. Or slippers. So I bare with it for now. Anyway, they will not be walking around all night.

By now, my reading time and focus are lost, so I start the television. I do not watch much television. The evils they show depress me. But at night, I flip through the channels to catch a glimpse of the events of the day. Suddenly, this loud noise covers the news. BBRRRRR!!!!! BBRRRR!!!!!!! BBRRRR

I initially get confused and ask myself “What on earth?!” And then I remember: its my other neighbor. He is renovating and did not take any vacation for this personal project. Nor did he hire a team of specialized constructors. He does it by himself. Which is of course laudable, with the exception that he only comes home after 10 oclock. And the sound of the drilling machine at that hour is not one of the most pleasant sounds youve ever heard.

Im somewhat lucky with this neighbor, because his noises bother other people in the building as well. And the parents of small children quickly knock on his door. He sometimes answers, he sometimes doesnt. But he usually gets the message, and after drilling one or two more holes he stops. For the night that is. Tomorrow we go again. Sometimes Im imagining his apartment like a piece of cheese, with lost of holes in it, and hes a big mouse, enjoying his cheese labyrinth.

Its a good thing I have my ear plugs on the nightstand. I use them. As I go to sleep, I wonder: “Am I crazy?” I try to ignore the noises, but I seldom can. Which is weird, because I can ignore the noises in the office. But this is my home, my refuge from the bad world, and here I get to relax. And I do tolerate noises which need to be made, such as vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances or laud laughter with guests, but noises which do not need to be made, they annoy me. People do not need to trample around the house; children do not need to run in the house, holes do not need to be drilled at midnight and boys do not need to use the bass as a wall shaker. Right?


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