As yet, I have found no satisfactory resource that deals with tehri questions. There are a number of sites: some cater tot ehri partiul;e religious idnoctriatnion and often condemn them fior asking their question or repson in an (it seems to me) unsatisfactory manner. Others mudsling. Consequences, again from research, appear to veer in either of two directions: some become even more extrem in tehri perspective (cionvinced that they ah ve to stifle their questions); others (unmoored from roots) often become disaffected with society.

My intention is to start a blog that features 3 or 4 facilaitors who are ex-fundamneltists from oen aprticualr relgion (e.g. Judaism). Each of tehse faciliatraros are relgious but they have a differing approach to the religon: the intentions beign to demonstrate that Judaism can contain a variety of perspectives and that Manicheanism — the black-white thinkgin that fundamentlsit practice is not only contray to relgion but also destructive.

Mathematical models from fiekld susch as logic, general semantics, facet theory, and Judgemnt and Decision making will be incorporated in responses in order to enable questioner to transtion from emotional reasongin (her socialization) to a mindset of objective reasongin.

In all cases, he or she will be directed to the source relgious fundamnetlists are often selective). The three key giodignm lines around which the blog will be structured wil be: listening behind the question (there are often emotional issues too), objectivity and professionakl excellence in structure and response; and presented in an entertaingin, readable manner. The average reader, I presume, will represent the 18-30 age range. Fundign would of course be encouraged, but sicne utmost care has to be taken to protect the saftery of members (and security of blog itself), no endeaviors would be made, at least in intial stages, to procure public funding.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of seeking public and private sources.

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