New Motorbike, Carolina Swag

Most of the motorcycle manufacturers want to convert their production towards eco-friendly technology powered by new wave of fuel alternates.

Swagster will capture the motorcycle market due to enhanced features including powerful engine, higher acceleration and the advanced technology of power-pack. With these added features, Swagster will promote the Hybrid motorcycle market to the next level of technology. Swagster will definitely wipe-off the recently launched Road Glide Ultra model of Harley-Davidson due to environment friendly feature. Additionally, the price of Harley-Davidson is $22,500 while the price of Swagster will be $15,000. This price difference with eco-friendly aspect will definitely attract most of the Harley-Davidson customers towards Swagster. The competitive set of Swagster also provides power pack technology and the first time improvement of color graphics. With the Swagster, the motorcycle will get the first and the foremost eco-friendly and environment friendly motorcycles around the world. (Proctor 2000)

In addition to improving performance of the functions of Swagster, consumers can now choose color graphics package. The new seating configuration options for the 2011 Swagster provides it with a distinct feature in this competitive market. Very nicely designed by Corbin, the newly introduced seats generally provide a more lavish and performance oriented bike ride. Bikers interested in reducing motorcycle can now select an option Corbin low seat height position. The entire product line continues to build from the ground up using the signature Swagster motorcycle grade with alloy frame exposure.

(Randall 2001)


From the above developed competitive set, we can easily say that Swagster motorcycle will give a very tough competition to the sports bike market, especially to Harley-Davidsons Road Glide Ultra. In this situation, what Harley-Davidson should do is to think of some unique strategy so that the eco-friendly Swagster will be again wiped out by Harleys Road Glide Ultra. Harley-Davidson should concentrate on developing some more bikes with eco-friendly or environment friendly technology. The sudden downfall of Harley-Davidson can be attributed to the fact that the advertising campaigns of Harley-Davidson were always not prominent. Harley-Davidson was enjoying the crown of market king just because of the brand name. Swagster will wipe out Harley-Davidson just because of the adoption of eco-friendly and environmental friendly technology. Lack of advertising will result in the downfall of Harley-Davidsons Road Glide Ultra. It is also a fact that Harley-Davidsons resale value is far better than any other motorcycle. But this is not a good enough reason for customers to go for Harley-Davidson. Customers will definitely go for Swagster because of reduced cost and environmental friendly nature of the newly introduced brand. The competitive set for Swagster is favorable because of the newly introduced eco-friendly technology in the form of Swagster.


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