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The programs were not implemented scientifically and the information provided was not accurate. But school authorities commented that they can only do so much and need parents assistance through the value system set at home (Peterson).

Incidence in Riverview, Florida

Anal cancer is highest among men having sex with men at 35 in every 100,000 of them in this locality (Health Communities 2010). The rate is lower among 100,000 heterosexual men. Anal cancers are located in the peri-anal skin around the anus in men, equivalent to tumors in the anal canal in women. These are typically squamous cell carcinomas, which may spread to deeper layers of tissue. Their exact cause is unknown but associated with HPV. Aside from smoking and alcohol consumption, HPV and ano-genital warts are associated with anal cancer both from past and current infections. Most men who get infected are more than 50 years old and may be also be infected with HIV. They have no visible symptoms, except a probable history of ano-genital warts.

They may also have lesions, often benign, a possible sore or bump, abnormal discharge or bleeding from the anus or rectum (Health Communities). #


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