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At the moment, the situation in this region is rather dim and the actions undertaken by the Russian Federation will clearly impact the employment rates.

Another element related to the economic aspect is the current embargo imposed by the Russian Federation. Indeed, it is the sovereign right of every state to take any peaceful measures it considers fit in order to restore a status ante. However, the action undertaken at this level must be proportional to the threat incurred or the damage caused. This case being, it is rather difficult to ascertain the implication of either Chechen terrorists or Georgian intelligence officers. Therefore, for the upcoming summit it is important that this point-of-view is made because the embargo set in place by the Russian Federation has massive repercussions on the well being of both nations. This aspect must clearly be pointed out as the measures undertaken affect innocent people throughout Russia and Georgia.

The symbolic aspects of this crisis are strictly related to the Olympics of 2014 as well as the general perspective on the security in the area.

The Olympics are, by tradition, a time of peace and reconciliation. Since the beginning of the Games, the Olympics represented a symbol of tolerance and fair play. These attacks, regardless of their initiators, have casted a slur on the spirits of these Olympics. This is why it is important that the reputation of the Games be wiped clean. From this point-of-view, the Games, out of respect for the tradition, for the participants, as well as for the people who work throughout the years to participate in the Olympics, must be carried out in a secure and peaceful environment. The terrorists, regardless of their identity tried to influence this venue and disturb the preparations for this event. The Olympics represent a symbol as the WTC did for the United States.

This is why it is important that the U.S. As well as the international community contribute to the reestablishment of the venue as earliest as possible in every way available.

The symbolism of the 24 lives lost as a result of the attacks must guide our negotiation and mediation attempts. We must never forget that regardless of the nationality of the people, they are victims of a terror war. By bringing the two sides into a coherent and willing agreement, we will make another important step in the fight against terrorism. Terrorism is not fought only on the ground in Afghanistan, Iraq, or Iran. It is fought in every corner of the world where democracy is placed in jeopardy. The situation between Russia and Georgia is one such case and the international community must act in accordance. It is our duty to defend innocent people, to protect ideals, and to foster the democratic principles.


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