Market Segmentation and Targeting the

Having identified their target markets with targeted solutions, Nissan introduced a model called “Cube.”

While market segments and targets will naturally emerge from research, it is important to acknowledge that all segments or targets are not of equal value. Each segment needs to be evaluated: how large is the segment and can a single solution distributed through a specific set of channels be profitably? (Lecture Notes/textbook) In addition to market sizing and profit potential, a target market should also be evaluated from a long-term perspective: will people who buy their cars as young consumers, continue to buy the Nissan brand as they progress through their life stages?

According to Murphy, the domestic sales of Japanese car manufacturers continued to decline; however, he did not provide enough information to determine the success of the “Cube.

” From a positive point-of-view, it is possible that the introduction of the “Cube” may have brought new customers to Nissan thereby reducing the negative effects of the overall market environment while creating a favorable brand impression for young consumers.


Murphy, John 2008, ” Car designers target the young to revive an industry,” The Weekend Australian, 1-2 March.

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