Love / Male Female Differences

Both of these focus on the categories of Eros, Storge and Ludus. Eros refers to a type of passionate love. Storge is the opposite of eros, and is more of a companionate love, or strong friendship and is more likely to develop in communities where choice of partner is not high and where marrying for love is not common. Ludus is the final type of love and refers to a kind of playful love, or the type of love you have when you fall in love but it remains playful. Thus, there are many similarities between this typology theory of love and Sternbergs triangular theory of love. They both can create types of love, and Eros, Storge and Ludus can certainly find their counterparts in Sterbergs typologies. The difference between these theories lies in the methodology our reliability of the theory.

Sternberg does more than just describe types of love, but tries to dig out the underlying elements that create these types of love, and as a result is able to create many more combinations to describe love than can the typology theory of love.

For me, personally, although the typology theory of love does make sense to me, with respect to some people being passionately in love while others are just lusting after a plaything and still others are stoically together without passion, I believe that Sternbergs theory is stronger and able to explain more types of love.

Male & Female Differences

Men and women differ from each other in a number of ways, and yet sometimes we get tied up in focusing on these differences and fail to see the source of the difference,.

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