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It is difficult to determine whether the Cambridge teams approach on the structure of DNA was more effective than the one put across by the Kings College team. History generally dictates that progress was in most cases made possible because certain people wanted to be better. However, taking into account societys most praised values, it appears that cooperation is essential in order for technology to advance.

While the general public typically likes to believe that scientists are devoted to cooperate with each-other regardless of the circumstances, this movie proves that one of the greatest advancements in the history of science is owed to the fierce rivalry that existed between scientists during the early 1950s. Watsons passion clearly knows no limits, considering that he is even willing to give up his sister to Wilkins in hope that this would influence the latter in cooperating.

Watson sees cooperating as a form of exploiting others, while Wilkins sees it as a method of gaining more experience while sharing his own. What Watson does is surely immoral, but the fact that he ultimately achieves success compensates for his dishonest character. Employing a competitive position in dealing with science generates results faster and more effective. It is extremely difficult to cooperate in science, since most individuals are either interested in their own well-being or are certain that they are superior in intelligence.

One could say that Watsons experience in science taught him that he did not have to behave honorably in order for his studies to advance. Wilkins reluctance to assist Watson determined the latter to want to start of a race, rather than to cooperate, given that he was aware of the arrogance displayed by Wilkins.

Franklin is likely to be the only one in the group who is actually more interested in the value that her studies will have for the world and has no personal interests other than that of being accepted as an equal by her colleagues. Crick is also devoted to his field of work, but he yields and abandons his studies when he is presented with the chance of discovering the structure of DNA.

All things considered, the motion picture demonstrates that science is likely to progress much slower without competiveness. Even with that cooperation is also probable to generate better and faster results if the present system changes and individuals realize that their personal interests only hinder their field of work as a whole.

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