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The process shows why silk is so expensive, because it is a very time consuming process.

I did not know that silk was such an ancient enterprise, and that was very interesting. It made me wonder how people first discovered the process and the actual silk fiber, and then how to weave it into cloth. It would be interesting if there were some history that described how they figured it out. I would like to find that in a Web site or other source, but there does not seem to be information available on that topic. It was also interesting to learn about the vast number of mulberry trees that were necessary to keep the industry running. I did not know that silkworms ate so much, or had to eat so many times during the day. We take silk for granted today, but it is a complicated process, and this chapter made that very clear.

After reading this article, I am not sure that I would buy silk any more. I would buy wild silk or synthetic silk, but I do not think I would buy silk again. I think the process is too cruel, and it opened my eyes to how silk is really made. I had no idea what it entailed, even though I knew it came from some kind of worms.

I do not think it is a humane process, and I no longer feel the same way I did about silk because of it.

The history of silk. This is interesting to me, and something I would like to learn more about. Here are three Web sites that talk about the history of silk.

This confirms the story that the Great Inventors wife first discovered silk, and it tells how silk developed in China and then spread around the world. It is fairly detailed and helped with further research.

This is interesting because it tells how the silkworm industry finally spread from China to the West, mainly Asia and Greece, and it talks about how China kept the process secret for so long.

This is a good site because it follows silk through the ages, and talks about it today, too, including how silk fabric is actually made.

I really like this site because it combines history with information on how silk is actually made. It includes photos of the actual silk thread, silkworms, and includes information on alternatives to silk, which is nice for the silkworms..

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