Islam Examine the Main Theological

When this is taking place, a person may not understand the event, due to the fact that they do not have the same intellect or knowledge as God. Over the course of time, these individuals will begin to see and understand how Gods plan is working. The Mutaizllis believe that the individual is responsible for their own actions. As a result, the underlying amounts of morality will determine how God will judge the deeds that we take. Where, everyone is given free will and the opportunity to choose how they will react to various events. Those who behave in the most morally correct fashion will be rewarded for their actions with eternity in paradise.

While those people who are engaging in actions that are immoral will be held accountable, by going to hell. This is important, because it shows how both sects will differ based on the underlying levels of individual responsibility. Bibliography “Historical Development of Muslim Mutaizllis.” Deens Research Center, n.d. Web. 1 Dec. 2010 Delbert Burket. “Islamic Perspectives.” The Blackwell Companion. Malden: Wiley, 2010. 232 — 250. Print. Naseem, Hamid. “Intellectual Discussions.” Muslim Philosophy. New Delhi: Sarup, 2001. 1 — 40. Print. Robinson, Neill. “Asharis and Mutaizllis.” Muslim Philosophy, 1998. Web. 1 Dec..

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