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com, 2010). Jordans retail fashion scene is similar to that of the UAE with an emphasis on high fashion (AME Info, 2007), although not on as grand a scale as the opulent malls of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Despite restrictions on ladies dress in the UAE, the market for Western fashions is strong, as women wear these fashions in the home and at womens only social events. Moroccos retail fashion industry is more nascent, and is focused on Casablanca, giving it a market structure similar to that of Jordan (CPP, 2010).

Other sources of information can come from chambers of commerce for the respective countries, as well as from news reports concerning the experiences of other retailers. However, as media in these countries is not free, the information is not always trustworthy. That said, first hand experience can also be valuable, as the companys managers can see the state of the market in each of these countries. It is recommended, on the basis of the sophisticated retail scene, the ease of distribution and the high per capita GDP that the United Arab Emirates is the first place of launch in the Middle East. In addition, as Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the regions fashion capitals, a successful launch in the UAE will raise the profile of the company throughout the region.

The wealth of these two cities will likely result in higher sales, and provide the opportunity to open multiple outlets, whereas the concentrated industries and lower per capita GDPs of Jordan and Morocco would result in fewer expansion opportunities once the top two or three malls were entered.

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