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Stakeholder management is also defined through a series of escalation processes to ensure that GE senior management at the subsidiary, regional and global levels stay consistent with each other from a policy standpoint as well. GE relies on cross-functional teams within their strategy planning process that also enables greater stakeholder communication as well (Thomas, Bollapragada, 2010).

GE also has extensive sustainability and “green” initiatives in place that also provide for a foundation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. In many nations CSR programs are required before Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) will be allowed. This is certainly the case in India where GE had to invest in the local school systems to ensure the quality of life increased based on their reliance on local labor and resources (Ocasio, Joseph, 2008). Nations are now holding corporations accountable for CSR investments more than ever before.


G.E. is a very metric-driven and measurement-oriented organizational culture, and often completes audits of how they are performing relative to sustainability and CSR initiatives.

Using attitudinal and costing data to determine their impact, GE often creates their own series of unique key performance indicators to evaluate how their programs are working over time.


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