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Light police forces are usually meant to command heavy police forces, as it requires more muscle than brain in order to break a riot.

Considering that the group does not seem to be conveying a biased approach in regard to gender or skin color, it is likely that they focus on efficiency, rather than on discriminating. Their stance, the fact that most wear glasses and their facial expressions make it obvious that they want to look good in the photo.

A believes that the people in the photo are not actual police officers and that they dressed up in order to replicate a normal day in the lives of real policemen. She motivates her conviction by claiming that none of the ones in the group appear to know what they are doing.

She believes that there is a probability that the group does not consider black individuals to be equal, given that there are none in the photo. Even with that, she considers that these people are happy with their condition, as they are calm.

A considers physical strength to be essential in determining who is who in the police force, believing that the people who wear helmets and shields are superior to the ones in front of the photo.

In As opinion, the fact that the two women were put in the center of the photograph might be a technique used by the photographer, with the probable intention of showing how this group does not discriminate. The overall purpose of the photograph is to show how people are determined to stop crime.

B believes that the man with the water bottle is actually a reporter dressed up as a police officer, wanting to see how it feels like to work in the domain and interviewing police officers concomitantly. There are several factors influencing his opinion, such as the reporters stature, his accessories, and the way he looks at the others in order to learn how to stand.

The police department brought its best to be a part of the photo, proving that gender and ethnic background are not important in this domain. The way these people look shows that they are not afraid to do their job. The group in the front is meant to intervene when conditions are not critical while the ones in the back have the role of breaking out riots..

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