Human Resource Management Careers in

The position requires knowledge of business management, finance, and accounting. Interestingly the educational backgrounds of individuals in this field vary considerably, reflecting the diversity of duties and levels of responsibility. Certification and previous experience are assets for most specialties, and are essential for more advanced positions, including managers, arbitrators, and mediators. The human resources field is changing rapidly with increasing use of technology, training, and outsourcing. The trend today is for human recourse managers to have a bachelors or even a masters degree.

Individual qualities necessary for success in this field include integrity, confidentiality, and excellent skills in interpersonal interactions. This occupation attracts people who are sensitive, extroverted, big picture and team-oriented. Because human resources jobs exist to support more visible functions in the company, they are not for people with huge egos and a strong need to be center stage (Heathfield, NDI).

I believe I have the necessary traits to be successful in this field.

I enjoy working with people, problem solving, and being part of a team. I can appreciate the significance of the big picture and understand the effect the small decisions that must be made every day in order to build a solid foundation of quality personnel on which a company can rise have on the overall health of the organization.


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