Hooking Up Much of Modern

Third, birth control and condoms (for STD control as well) are far more available, as are clinics and a womans access to birth control. Despite the issues of disease, many young people feel invincible, and especially when relaxing or alchohol is involved, tend to see sexual activity as a process for unwinding, not necessarily a sharing of intimacy between people. In fact, many believe that sex is not the most intimate activity they have with another person. When barriers to behavior fall because of substances, one of the responses is to seek physical pleasure. There are also more pharmaceuticals on the market now that, legal or illegal, enhance or intensify sexual pleasure: the Viagra types for male erection, Esctacy for both, Amyl Nitrate as an additional high, and more (What Drugs have You Used To Enhance Sex?, 2007).

Still, despite almost 50 years of Womens Liberation, Sex Education classes, more openness regarding sexual activity, and more information available to young people; a clear double standard exists. Most college students said that college men were far more intent on satisfying their own needs and neglecting their female partner.

Many men enjoy oral sex, but refuse to perform it on their partner. In fact, even considering the “hook up” men are twice as likely to achieve orgasm than women. Many hookups involve fellatio, but no cunnilingus — less than 50% of the time do we see equitable behavior (Skolnick, 147). The question is, how is this trend evolving? Perhaps our social fabric still believes President Clintons maxim that fellatio is not sex, or oral sex does not imply infidelity? Perhaps it is a timing and intimacy-based philosophy? However, the same research shows women are becoming more vocal about their own needs, and more expressive about the same. Indeed, in combination with trends toward more sexual experimentation (activities, bisexuality, etc.) it appears that sex is moving to the “no big deal,” phase, almost as if we were asking someone for coffee or lunch, but that in mens minds, certain things are “reserved” for the life partner, while other activities.

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