Hispanic Dropout Rate Over the

As these two issues will tell you what specific factors could affect the performance of the student. This information is useful, because it can be corroborated with the other sources, to highlight what specific factors could be contributing to higher Hispanic dropout rates.

Clearly, the literature review uncovered a number of different factors that are contributing to higher dropout rates in Hispanics the most notable include: social / cultural differences, government policies that are to broad, bullying and the self-image of the individual. In general, the findings from the research are answering the basic questions. However, there are existing flaws that are occurring along with obvious gaps in the research to include: not isolating enough specific factors that could be affecting Hispanics and the possible impact of augmenting curriculum to cultural needs.

This is important, because it shows the study we will be conducting can build off the information presented earlier, to provide a clearer picture about what is affecting the Hispanic dropout rate.


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