Fitness Over the Last Several

As the increases in the obesity rate and the decline in the levels of physical fitness would continue to highlight a shift that was occurring in these views. To determine the number factors that could affect these perceptions, researchers would evaluate a variety of different studies. The idea was to seek out as many variables as possible; that could be affecting these perceptions, while corroborating the most common reasons with each other. Once this took place, it would provide better insights as to what factors could be affecting these perceptions. This is important, because a number of studies have been conducted in the past, where they identify specific elements for the group that they are studying. However, the problem is that the focus of researchers was to narrow, often providing limited factors that could affect if someone is physically active. The article we examined takes these specific factors and then corroborates them with one another, to determine what effects they are having on why someone will or will not be physically active.

(Sallis, 2000, pp. 963 — 975) As a result, the information that was presented in the article will help to provide: more specific and general reasons that could cause someone to be physically active. Where, they will all work together, to effect these perceptions that an individual will have. Over the course of time, these views will continue to build upon themselves. At which point, the individual will begin to believe the various factors, as reasons for or not engaging in physical activity. This is significant, because it shows that various psychological and sociological forces, could affect if someone will maintain their levels of physical fitness. The article, A Review of Physical Activity in Children and Adolescents, discusses how these views are affected. At which point, researchers can have a greater understanding, as to why children and adolescent will or will not participate in various physical activities.


Sallis, J. (2000). A Review of.

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