Feminism How I Can Be

It is a joy to watch him as he becomes more confident and sure of himself, and I cannot wait to see him play with his new brother or sister. I have no idea what he will become in the future, but it seems clear that he will grow up to accomplish great things, and I think that is positive change.

If I can do anything, I hope that I can inspire other Black women to reach their full potential and reach for the stars. That can ignite great change in the Black community, and among all women, no matter their race or stature. I believe that women can accomplish great things, but many allow themselves to be held back, and I hope that my experiences can inspire women to do more and become better. Change does entail strength, and women have always shown themselves to be strong individuals, no matter what life throws at them. I hope that I can inspire that change, even in the small number of friends that know me and what Ive accomplished so far in my life.

There is another thing that I hope can be a catalyst for change in the future.

I wish that more people would step up and take responsibility for those in need. I adopted because I felt a strong need to do something for the people of Haiti. It was just one small deed, but it made me feel as if I had made a contribution, and it brought my son into my life. I think that many people turn their backs on those in need around the world, and I dont understand how that can happen. Often, there is an initial outpouring, and then interest dries up. I wish that more people would step up and make a long-term commitment to aiding those in need, and that they wouldnt forget after the initial outburst of support. I have made a long-term commitment to my son, and I wish others would do the same. These are the ways I hope to initiate change in the future, and to inspire other women to.

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