Ethical Questions in Dentistry Case:

With the economy being the way that it is, our dollar doesnt stretch as far as it used to. Many dental offices will set up a payment plan that works with the parents budget on the amount not covered by the insurance. If the dentist makes it known to the parent that she can pay off any balance in low monthly payments, she may be more inclined to give permission for the dentist to follow through with the treatment plan suggested. Also, the fact that some of her friends have not had good experiences with root canals should not be a determining factor in what she decides for her child. With the many advances in dentistry, there should be no complications with the procedure and it there are any they will be minor and can be adjusted immediately.

Another thing the dentist might want to do is schedule a consultation with both parents at the same time. There is a chance that he can convince the father that the treatment suggested is what is best for his son. Also, if the father knows that any balance can be paid off in small monthly payments, he may be more inclined to do what is best for his son. He should also be made aware that pulling his sons tooth will not take care of all of the dental problems that his son is facing now and the ones he will most definitely face in the future.

If all else fails, then according to the third value category of Ozar and Sokol the dentist must respect the patients wish to pull the tooth even though it is against what he has recommended. The request is reasonable and the dentist can easily pull the tooth which means he has an obligation to follow through on what the patient wants whether or not he agrees. If he goes against what the patient wants, he may be putting himself in a situation where the patient can accuse him of acting unprofessionally and the dentist does not want this.


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