Disney Resources and Capabilities Disney

Additionally, the affordability of the Disney products and services is also relative. While in the economically developed countries in the western hemisphere, the Disney products and services are affordable and part of every day life, within the less economically developed countries, the Disney products and services are less affordable; here, they represent social statements and signs of wealth, which integrate an overall experience, rather than a simple product or service.

All in all, the Disney capabilities and resources become mixed to create a series of organizational strengths, which, among other things, include the following:

Innovation and commitment to high quality

Brand strength and customer loyalty to the brand

The ability to create experiences, rather than just products and services

Large size of the corporation, which integrates extensive financial and human capitals (both labor as well as intellectual)

The ability to serve the entertainment needs of various age groups

A well developed strategy of differentiation which offers it vast competitive advantages over the competitors in the industry (MBA Tutorials, 2009).

In terms of the future, it is advisable for Disney to move more aggressively into consumer products. Today, activities into consumer markets only represent 7 per cent of the companys operations, but it is hoped that this percentage would change in the future. Consumer products are a commonality in the homes of all individuals across the globe and Disney has the capability of increasing this operation palette through the creation of high quality consumer products, but also through its historically proven ability to transform a product into an experience.


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