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1% and agriculture 6.0%. (“Jamaica,” 2010) The U.S. is more heavily focused on services, with this accounting for 76.9% of the GDP. This is followed by: industry (coming in at 21.9%) and agriculture (accounting for 1.2%). (“United States,” 2010)

Labor Force

The labor force of Jamaica is currently 1.311 million people. (“Jamaica,” 2010) While the labor force of the United States is 154.2 million. (“United States,” 2010)

Labor Force by Occupation

The labor force by occupation for Jamaica would include: 64% working in services, 19% in industry and 17% in agriculture. (“Jamaica,” 2010) In the U.S. The labor force is divided differently with: 37% working in managerial / professional positions, 24.2% in sales / services, 20.3% in manufacturing, 17.6% in other services and .7% in farming. (“United States,” 2010)

Population below the Poverty Line

The total population that is living below the poverty line in Jamaica is: 14.8%. (“Jamaica,” 2010) In the United States this number is: 12.0%. (“United States,” 2010)

Unemployment Rate

The unemployment rate for Jamaica is: 12.6%. While the unemployment rate for the United States is: 9.3%

Inflation Rate

The inflation rate for Jamaica is 9.6% and -.3% for the U.S. (“Jamaica,” 2010) (“United States,” 2010)

Human Development Index Rankings

As far as the general human development index is concerned, Jamaica ranks at 100 out of 182 countries. (“Jamaica,” 2009) However, when you look at the specific categories, it is clear that that the country has varying results.

Evidence of this, can be seen in the three categories of: life expectancy (where Jamaica posts an average age of 71.7 years old), adult literacy (with Jamaica posting a rate of 86.0%) and per capita income (as the country has a PPP of $6,079.00). (“Human Development Report 2009 Rankings,” 2009)

Clearly, Jamaica is a developing country that has a number of different obstacles to overcome a few of the most notable includes: high unemployment, a lack of diversification in the economy and a high inflation rate. When you put these different elements together, it underscores how Jamaica is a representation of two worlds, one that is the image the tourists will see and another that faces severe economic challenges in trying to develop.


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