Child Abuse Has Many Different

Studies like the one by Greenfield and Marks are therefore extremely important in terms of its contribution to the general social understanding of what exactly constitutes abuse, risk factors for abuse, and how to prevent it. The risk of negative mental health in adulthood highlights the importance of preventing violence against children; whichever form this may take.


The research on child abuse highlight several important issues and gaps. There remains a qualitative gap in terms of investigating specific family relationships, histories, and problematic factors that may lead to either chronic or occasional violence against children. Despite recent research, much can still be done to address the nature and long-term effects of psychological violence against children. Finally, there is an important gap in terms of creating an organized body of research on the different types of violence that might be perpetrated against children, and the specific long-term effects of these.

In conclusion, children are the most important, but also the most vulnerable members of any society. They are not only at the mercy of whatever fundamental belief system there parents might espouse, but also of the difficulties and stressors that may cause their parents to come mentally unhinged. It is the duty of the society within which these children live to protect them. Hence, studies into the phenomenon of child abuse should be encouraged both for cultivating a better understanding of the issues surrounding child abuse as well.

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