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com was not their home page instead it was, and YouTube. It is important for corporations to take the time to keep up on what is showing up in the new social sites and search engines. New ideas that have arisen out of social media include: 1. Fish where the fish are. Dont build new communities and micro sites. Go where the people already are and 2. Keep fans most important. Coke has developed a social media strategy that revolves around 4Rs:

1. Review — listen to whats being said

2. Respond — what to respond to and who should respond.

3. Record — create more convincing video content. It has been found that people are 7 — 10 times more likely to click on a video than text.

4. Redirect. Search and SEO are very important. Make sure the right content is found when people search. User generated content is getting more search attention.

Cokes latest social media agenda for 2010 is Expedition 206 – Happiness Goes Around.

They conducted a search online for three young people to be Happiness Ambassadors. These people will visit 206 countries in 365 days and report back on what makes folk happy in each place. Theyll be blogging and tweeting as they go (Social Media Tips from Coke, 2010).

The internal and external environments of an organization can have considerable impacts on the efficiencies of its human resources and on their management. For this reason managers must be conscious of the impact these environments and the changes occurring within them may have on the corporation as a whole (HRM Environment, 2010).


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