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The decision of whether to create an entirely new brand name or to attempt to define a functional one also has to take into account how brand archetypes define mediated and lived experiences as well (Phau, Cheong, 223, 224). Figure 1, Brand Archetype Model Shows How Brand Icons Are Created shows how critical it is to create a brand that capitalizes on the consumer imagination and archetypal representation of a brand concept.

Figure 1: Brand Archetype Model Shows How Brand Icons Are Created

Source: (Phau, Cheong, 216)


Based on this model of branding, its clear that using a more functional name will be more effective as it capitalizes on concepts in the consumers imagination and also assists with the definition of archetypal representations.

Based on this analysis it is recommended the name be strongly related to freedom and the strong emotion this concept conveys. The name Libertad University or a comparable name that clearly states the school is about setting a students career and dreams free. The high fashion aspect fits with this approach as students are free to pursue their goals in the most sought-after area of fashion design.

Possible Image-based Messaging Concepts:


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