Apple Inc. 4Cs Apple Is

High customer satisfaction rates are attained through meticulous planning. The customers are not only made happy by easy to use and robust products but also have the desire to buy more in the future.


In the computer industry, most people still perceive Apple as the runner because of the significant influence Microsoft has on personal computers. However apple has been able to diversify its product line in the technology scope i.e. from computer hardware to software, gadgets and online media. This makes apple able to serve most of the consumer needs not only in variety but also in the quality in design and performance of its products. Through adopting a division form of business, apple makes it hard for it to be acquired since this will require a massive buyoff.

Thus it has been able to retain most of it leadership for a long time. Strategic partnerships have also been taken by apple in a bit to make apple reach on far markets and untapped niches.


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