1984 by George Orwell George

Most people presently living in the U.S. are somewhat similar to Smith, considering that they are also interested in developing in accordance to different standards, constantly being unhappy with the way society functions. Whereas they are initially ardent about changing the system and doing as they please, it slowly but surely becomes obvious that they eventually have to subject to the authorities.

Considering that the U.S. has become accustomed to going at war against underprivileged countries with the apparent reason of wanting to better conditions there, it seems that authorities today are capable of imposing law through force everywhere they please, with disadvantaged individuals having no change but to subject. The government is also monitoring the way people spend their money, even with the fact that individuals should be free to use their finances however they want, without having to give reasons for their behavior. In spite of the fact that Orwells perspective regarding the future is obviously exaggerated, a great deal of elements in the book can be compared to aspects of our present society.

People today become more and more concerned about installing video cameras wherever they can, with the presumed reason of protecting themselves.

However, most are unwilling to admit that they virtually take away their intimacy the moment they decide to join the other in wanting to be monitored. Most of the contemporary mass-media is devoted to acting in agreement to ruling parties, since television producers are well-aware that this is the only method they can employ in making their programs last. Even if someone attempts to escape the cameras constantly haunting them in crowded places by trying to get away and have a drink at a local bar, they will most probably find that the respective location is also monitored. Taking the car and running away in rural areas is unlikely to help someone escape from being tracked down, since most roads are equipped with systems meant to register license plates, in an attempt to identify anyone that travels.

It is difficult to determine if the present day U.S. is similar to Orwells 1984, but considering the great number of details linking the two societies one can believe that matters today are critical and that something needs to be done in order to bring back intimacy and free will.

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